Las Casitas Questions and Answers

Here are some Las Casitas questions and answers we field frequently. If yours isn’t here, shoot us a note!


Is Puerto Morelos safe? Puerto Morelos is a small, quaint village and is very safe for visitors and locals alike. All places have their occasional incidents, and Puerto Morelos is not immune. But, if you aren’t doing things or looking for things that you probably shouldn’t be, then maintaining common sense travel safety tips should allow you to enjoy all we have to offer in a safe way.

Are you really as close to things as you say? Yes! Las Casitas sits right on the beach, about equal distance between several great beach bars, fun in the sand is 50 meters away! Las Casitas is about a 10 minute walk to the square, letting you pass many great restaurants, shops, and bars along the way. You’re close enough to all the fun, yet just far enough away to leave the din of revelry behind when you return to the tranquility of Las Casitas.

What’s the Sargasso like? As has been in the news, the sargasso (seaweed) has been a big problem throughout the caribbean. Our local governments have taken it very seriously, using barriers as well as an army of workers to clean the beaches. Lately, this has worked and the beaches are fabulous! Of course, this can change on any given day. There are a couple of live cams where you can see how things are at any given time. See the list at


How do I book at Las Casitas? There are very easy, safe ways to book your stay with us! Of course, our properties are listed in the major booking sites (VRBO, Home Away, AirBnB, etc) each with their fees for booking. You can also book directly on our site, and take advantage of promotions often only available through our website.

On the Home Page, simply insert your dates of travel, and the villas or casitas available for those dates will appear. You can click on the one of your choice, see all the details, and click the Book Now button.

If your dates are flexible, from the top menu, click on “casitas and services” and pick the one you’re interested in. When you scroll down, you’ll see a calendar where available dates will show with the applicable rates.

Your credit card is not charged automatically. After you book, we will make sure applicable discounts and other information is all in place before charging your card the deposit. And our very generous cancellation policy always applies. So go ahead! Book it!

What are the Taxes? You know the drill…”death and taxes are the only certainties!” There are two taxes applied to your rental. The first is a 16% IVA. This is similar to other country’s VAT taxes, and it is charged on all sales transactions. The second is a 3% “hotel tax” applied to vacation rentals by Quintana Roo. This is a relatively new tax in answer to complaints of unfair competition by the hotel industry.

Is there a security deposit? If you have a credit card on file as part of the booking process, we do not charge a security deposit. Terms and conditions regarding damages are detailed in the rental agreement sent to you at the time of booking.

Are there any minimum stay requirements? Yes. Las Casitas is a high end luxury set of villas and casitas, so the owners enacted minimum stay requirements to reduce “weekend party pad” scenarios that otherwise might occur. Depending on the time of year, a 5 night or 7 night minimum stay is required. Information on the length of stay is provided during the booking process.

How about some discounts? While Las Casitas is very competitively priced, especially for what you’re getting, we do have discounts available! Aside from the period promotions that we advertise on the website, there is a 10% discount for a 10+ night stay, and a 20% discount for a month-long stay. The length of stay discounts are automatically applied. If there’s a promotion discount, you need to place the discount code into the box during booking.

Is there a maximum number of guests allowed? Yes. While the number varies by villa or casita, in most cases it’s two additional people above the number of bedrooms. For example, a three-bedroom villa would be six people plus an additional two for a total of 8. You are also welcome to have up to four “day-guests” a couple of times during your stay, but it is limited.

What are the bed configurations? Each villa and casita has different bed configurations and are noted in the property descriptions. Some have rooms with two twin beds that can be combined to make a comfortable king bed. Other villas, however, and full-size king beds that can’t be reconfigured. We do have comfortable air beds available should you need additional configurations.

Do you allow kids? We sure do, but owners control that decision, so most, but not all, of our villas and casitas welcome the kids. Information specific to a villa is provided in the listing of the property. All of the common areas are, of course, open to kids, but require adult supervision at all times. The hot tub, however, is restricted to persons 16 years of age or older.

Is the “Low Season” an okay time to come? It sure is! See my blog post about that here! While there’s less people, and may be a little more muggy, all of the fun things to do are still in full effect, and you might even score some discounts!


How do I get to Las Casitas from the Airport? The taxis operate under a monopoly a the airport, so are the most expensive method of getting to Puerto Morelos. Check our Services page for several transportation companies that will provide you with quality service at a fair price. If you’re a light traveler, you can also get the ADO bus from the airport to Puerto Morelos (stops at Chedraui on highway, and then a taxi from there).

How do I check in? Are you 24 hours? We communicate with you quite a bit before your arrival. Once we know your intended arrival times, we ensure one of our staff is here, waiting for you, regardless of the time. This way, we get to meet you, we can show you the property and answer any immediate questions you might have.

Do you have WiFi? Each villa and casita has their own individual WiFi service through IZZI. So you’re not sharing bandwidth with other villas, and you get mostly reliable, high speed service. Access information is in the guest books in the Villas and Casitas.

Is there housekeeping service? The owners, through their HOA, received housekeeping service one day per week. This courtesy is also extended to the villa or casita when it is occupied by guests. If you desire additional days, this can be arranged for an additional charge. Simply send us a note!

Are there other services available? Yes! Would you like your villa or casita pre-stocked with groceries and beverages? Do you need to rent some baby gear so you don’t have to lug it from home? Are you interested in private chefs? All of these services are available. Click on “Casitas and Services” from the main page, and then on services to see a list of providers and contact information.

Can I organize things to do through you? Lighthouse Tours can organize virtually anything you want to do! Their contact info is in the sidebar on our website, and they provide nice discounts to Las Casitas guests! No, we don’t take a commission for referring you to Lighthouse Tours. We simply know them as honest and reliable providing great fun for a fair price.

Is the water safe to drink? Las Casitas has a major filtration and water softener system. But, I still wouldn’t drink the tap water. It’s fine for washing. Bottled water is provided for you. The first two garafons (5 gallon bottles) are complimentary. Additional water may be purchased from the on-site maintenance man, Hervey. Just pay him directly. In some of the villas, water bottles are connected through the refrigerator to give you drinking water from there and consumable ice. Staff will show you the water supply for your specific unit at check-in.

I know many people in the area. Is it okay for me to throw a party? Generally, no. You are restricted to a maximum of four “day-guests” a couple of times during your stay. If you have some unique situation, please discuss it with staff.

Is Las Casitas noisy? Generally, no. You do have the occasional “over-excited” child at the pool, but mostly it’s pretty calm and tranquil. Las Casitas rules loud speakers or other noise generation that may impede on the enjoyment of other guests. Generally, mutual respect goes a long way! As for noise from bars and restaurants, Las Casitas enjoys that “perfect” location where you’re close enough to go have fun, but far enough away not to have the noise.

I’m really light-sensitive, and you’re right on the beach! Will I be woken early every day because of this? Probably not!! Recent upgrades to the villas and casitas included “blackout” curtains that work really well! It’s your vacation! We won’t let the sun dictate when you decide to roll out of bed!

You’ve answered a lot of questions! But mine wasn’t one of them! No problem! Send us an email, or use the “contact us” portion of the website to ask! We’ll get back to you in a flash!